World class studio is in the making.

Hey everyone welcome to our blog! If you haven't heard by now we are building a new recording facility here in Indiana, Pa. After originally opening a small professional recording studio in Indiana we have been fortunate enough to relocate in our own building and having a custom full studio designed to suit our needs. Wes Lachot, one of the most successful and well known studio designers in the country and is currently working on the design himself. He is known for his special "sweet spot" control rooms and beautiful aesthetics as he partners with Bret Acoustics to achieve a truly world class design every time. Some of the the things we look forward to working on in our new facility are tracking full bands, specific set ups for commercial audio and voiceover, and the environment to help develop artists. The new studio will be one of a kind and fitted to work on tracking, mixing, and mastering both remotely and by our local artists. We plan to post videos, photos, and comments as we progress in the design process so make sure you check back and stay tuned for whats to come.


Here are concept photos of the studio design attached.

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